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Protecting Workers’ Rights 

Employment discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, wrongful termination and overtime violations are among the most common employment law matters affecting California workers. No matter what the legal issue, people deserve to have a California employment lawyer who will advocate for their rights. For over sixteen years, our labor and employment law firm has been advocating for the interests of those facing workplace disputes. We are available to handle a variety of employment claims and discrimination cases, including those involving sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination, sex discrimination or any other form of unlawful discrimination. Our practice is not limited to employment law claims, however; we also handle real estate claims, various civil disputes, and entertainment legal issues.

Have you been sexually harassed at work, wrongfully terminated, or discriminated against for your race, religion or another protected class? If so, contact our California Employment Law Firm today for a free case review.  Our Law Firm focuses primarily on protecting the rights of employees throughout California.  No one deserves to suffer from an abusive and hostile work environment. We will file claims against your employer to get you the compensation you deserve. We’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime, including the largest corporations, and public employers. 

What should you do if you are a victim of employment
discrimination or harassment?

Do not panic   ~   Do not quit   ~   Do not strike back

Document all information     ~    Do not sign anything

If you need to speak with an accessible and experienced employment law attorney about a legal concern, such as disability discrimination or whistle blowing, contact us today.

Entertainment Law

Sometimes called media law, is a term for a mix of more traditional categories of law with a focus on providing legal services to the Entertainment Industry.  The principal areas of Entertainment Law overlap substantially with the well-known and conventional field of intellectual property law. 




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